Sunday, November 30, 2008

Got Owls?

(Barred Owl at Bluebonnet Swamp - photo by John Hartgerink)

Whooo, whooo, whooo goes there?? It's owl time in Louisiana! This is the time of year that owls start pairing up to nest and breed. As such they do a lot of talking to each other, so they're easy to hear. Of course, they may not be so easy to see, as most owls are, of course, nocturnal. You might get lucky though. The other night my husband was taking out the trash and a Barred Owl landed on a sweet gum tree right over the driveway and stayed there while he walked right underneath with the trash container! Barred owls are one of the few owls that come out during the day. Click on the link below to see a video of a Barred Owl that I was lucky enough to see in broad daylight at Bluebonnet Swamp. She was hunting for crawfish and if you look closely you can see her catch it, take from her talon with her beak and then swallow it whole! Do you suppose it crawls around in her stomach and pinches with its claws?? (click on Barred_Owl_hunts.wmv)

How do you know which owl is which...or whooooo? Here are a couple of good online sites for Bird Identification - or . You can see pictures as well as listen to the sounds they make.

Good luck gettin' owls!
Barred Owlets at Bluebonnet Swamp - photo by John Hartgerink

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  1. Hello, I live in the Old Goodwood area and for the last two weeks we are visited by a Barred Owl every PM. I love to hear the Owl
    whooing, and now, everyday, I am waiting for the Owl to visit us.
    I just came inside and yes, the Owl is outside whooing.